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Exploring the World One Laugh at a Time

San Diego. One foot here, the other in a burrito shop.

Traveling from Austin to San Diego required a detour via Los Angeles and a two-hour drive along the Pacific Ocean. The initial plan was to spend two days in San Diego, relaxing by the pool and enjoying Mexican cuisine. However, plans changed in Colorado Springs, requiring a flight to Seattle instead of New York, cutting the stay in a beautiful ocean-view hotel in San Diego to just four hours.

Work obligations were completed after dark, leading to a decision to hold negotiations in a nearby burrito shop. The experience with tequila shots, Mexican beer, and great food was so enjoyable that it made the traveler want to stay permanently. La Jolla, the neighborhood, was especially appealing at night.

P.S. The San Diego airport also stood out, particularly an installation featuring car taillights.

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