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Boston, MA: A Wasteland of Wonders

Greetings, fellow wanderers! Gather ‘round and let me regale you with tales from my recent journey to the marvelous, slightly less radioactive Boston, MA

Tenerife. Slides, Sand, and the Great Golf Misadventure

Tenerife adventures in March 2019: From the thrilling drops at Siam Park to mini-golf challenges, and lazy days at Plaja del Duque. Even stumbled through the Garden of the Stones, learning that in Tenerife, fun and funny moments are around every corner.

New York. In-and-Out of Brooklyn

Navigating the concrete jungle of New York City, I found myself crossing the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, a marvel that’s been standing since 1939

Twin Cities. An Epic 20-Hour Road Trip from Boston to Minnesota’s Winter Wonderland

Drove 20 hrs from Boston to Twin Cities. Got wowed by Chicago’s skyline & Minnesota’s snow. Visited Saint Paul City Hall, geeked out at a hockey exhibition, and cheered at a Minnesota Wild game. On the way back, found a Sopranos pinball at a gas station. Best. Road Trip. Ever.

Boston. A Blizzard, Brains, and March Madness in Massachusetts

Descended into Boston, got welcomed by a surprise snow bridal gown! Zip to Minnesota, return to a snow-free Boston, as if Mother Nature used a giant eraser. Met MIT’s ‘genius-risk’ police, chilled in Harvard Gardens. Left with memories of Boston’s weather whims and intellectual charm. Lesson learned: Boston’s as unpredictable as my grandma’s meatloaf recipe.

Hoover Dam. A Dam Good Trip!

Traded Vegas’ neon for Hoover Dam’s concrete grandeur, where I time-traveled between Nevada and Arizona! Marveled at Lake Mead’s desert oasis vibes – it’s a ‘dam’ impressive sight, making even the glitzy Vegas jealous!

Las Vegas. Neon Dreams and Digital Frontiers.

Vegas’ CES was a rollercoaster of tech delights, mixing familiar wonders with fresh innovations. The recipe for success? Early arrival, a coffee stash, and a spirited team! Plus, the thrill of Vegas was capped off with two electrifying NHL games, cheering on the Golden Knights. Pure Vegas magic!

Boston. At a Glance.

Boston, you sly fox! My lightning visit was like speed-dating with history – blink and you miss a century. Can’t wait to return and stay longer!

Colorado Springs. Manitou Incline.

Tackle the Manitou Incline’s ‘stairway to heaven’ with its 2,768 railroad-tie steps – it’s like a gym workout with a view! Local athletes sprint up in 30 mins; others might just turn it into a day-long adventure. Nearby, the snowy Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak provide perfect ‘cool down’ scenery – or excuses to take a break!

Sirmione. Scaliger Castle.

At Lake Garda, strike a regal pose for a Scaliger Castle selfie, embark on the Gelato Gauntlet challenge, and master the art of pasta twirling. Avoid fashion missteps, seek out the mythical lake monster, and arm yourself with key Italian phrases for a journey filled with laughter and unforgettable memories!

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